PORTUMEX Tax & Insurance

Our core values of Integrity, Partnership, and Trust establishes you as more than our client. We believe you and your business are the most important asset we have.

Our firm motivates small businesses by improving transforming the operational accuracy and monetary knowledge of the business owner.

Our goal for our partners is simple, to Empower You Financially by ensuring the profitability and sustainability of your business.


Our Work

Our Services


Accounting services for clients who are starting a business from advising on the appropriate company legal formation.


We understand how time consuming payroll is for the small business owner. Furthermore, you must ensure government remittances are timely settled.

Business Consulting

We help you avoid the common hazards that many new small business owners make, placing their new business in jeopardy.

Incorporation of Companies

Incorporating is the process of creating a separate business entity that exists in perpetuity independent of the shareholders, employees and officers.

Estimates & Projections

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Immigration Services for Employers, Investors & Professionals

We possess years of experience with employment-based clients in the United States immigration system.

Wealth Advisory & Matter US Investment

We focus on developing outcomes uniquely designed for you. Building the right investment solutions begins with a strong awareness of your financial goals and objectives.

Advertising Design & Consulting Web

We develop webdesign with the latest technology for small and large companies.


Integrity is a principle that is often misplaced in business partnerships. Not with us. All of our services are accurate and completed according to ethical standards and practices with no deviation. We uphold legal standards and are still able to help you and your business benefit from tax breaks, credits, exemptions and other incentives.